High Energy Physics



CONTACT: Jamie Shiers, CERN

Email: Jamie.Shiers(at)cern.ch


Funding agencies today require (FAIR) Data Management Plans, explaining how data acquired or produced will be preserved for re-use, sharing and verification of results.

The preservation of data from CERN’s Large Hadron Collider poses significant challenges: not least in terms of scale. The purpose of this demonstrator is to show how existing, fully generic services can be combined to meet these needs in a manner that is discipline agnostic, i.e. can be used by others without modification.


The high energy physics science demonstrator wants to deploy services that tackle the following functions:

  1. Trusted / certified digital repositories where data is referenced by a Persistent Identifier (PID);
  2. Scalable “digital library” services where documentation is referenced by a Digital Object Identifer (DOI);
  3. A versioning file system to capture and preserve the associated software and needed environment;
  4. A virtualised environment that allows the above to run in Cloud, Grid and many other environments.


The goal is to use non-discipline specific services combined in a simple and transparent manner (e.g. through PIDs) to build a system capable of storing and preserving Open Data at a scale of 100TB or more.

EOSCpilot SD - High Energy Physics