D2.8: Report on Governance Piloting Process

07 May 2019

D2.8: Report on Governance Piloting Process

One of the challenges encountered by the EOSCpilot project was to gather structured feedback from a wide variety of potential stakeholder about the ‘moving target’ that is the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). EOSC was at its early stage of construction, pilot proof of concept of services were constructed at the same time stakeholder mapping was performed and Governance was being designed by the project (and by the European Commission in parallel, providing a roadmap of EOSC present and future projects). This interaction of projects and initiatives was designed to conduct a fast-paced implementation of the EOSC, combining a top-down and bottom-up approach, where results from piloting the proof-of-concept provide input into the overall design.

In this context, this Report on Governance Piloting Process describes the methodology used for a structured bottom-up approach of EOSCpilot Work Package 2, and how it was used by the different tasks (Stakeholder mapping, Governance framework design, Rules of participation, Business model), contributing to the Governance Development Forum. In addition to traditional tools such as surveys, webinars, workshops and conferences, a specific tool with an interactive platform was used to gather audience feedback.


- Status: Submitted to the European Commission

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