D5.1: Initial EOSC Service Architecture

12 Mar 2018

D5.1: Initial EOSC Service Architecture

EOSC is expected to be “a federated, globally accessible, multidisciplinary environment where researchers, innovators, companies and citizens can publish, find, use and reuse each other's data, tools, publications and other outputs for research, innovation and educational purposes”.

This deliverable documents the initial architecture of the EOSC underlying IT system. In order to identify the constituents of the EOSC System, the deliverable identifies (a) the primary roles that the actors involved in EOSC system exploitation and development are expected to play, and (b) the major activities these actors are performing when exploiting, contributing and managing the EOSC system. Then, by analysing these elements, an initial list of service typologies is derived. This list is expected to be iteratively revised and enriched following the better understanding of the Open Science approach and the emergence of related policies, governance models and technologies able to support it.


Status: Approved by the European Commission

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