EOSC Service Portfolio Roadmap

EOSC Service Portfolio Roadmap
01 Mar 2019

EOSC Service Portfolio Roadmap

01 March 2019

EOSC Service Portfolio roadmap describes what services the future EOSC service portfolio should have, with input from known high-level user requirements, gaps from science demonstrators, user-driven service integrations and the resulting experiences.

The EOSC Service Portfolio “is an internal list of EOSC Services including those in preparation, live and discontinued”, as defined in the EOSC glossary. The portfolio allows an organization to keep a record of all services during their lifetime: from the initial stages when a service is being developed, up to the final stages when a service is decommissioned. The portfolio will also enable the assessment and validation of the services across several common criteria, including technical (TRL) and policy (SLAs, Policy terms, etc.), as a prerequisite for their inclusion in the EOSC Service Catalogue. The validated services can then be exposed toEOSC System Users via the EOSC Service Registry. This deliverable focuses on describing high-level requirements for services the EOSC Service Portfolio should contain. The service requirements have emerged from the EOSCpilot Science Demonstrators, as well as from the engagement with diverse EOSC stakeholders at events.These high-level requirements and service gaps form a basis for proposing an EOSC service portfolio roadmap.

The deliverable covers a number of areas including a summariy of relevant work achieved in EOSCpilot project, as well as in other EOSC supporting projects. It builds a consistent view on the collective knowledge with a special focus on the EOSC Service Portfolio. Following this the document analyses the input collected by EOSC representatives at different events, a joint effort of EOSCpilot and EOSC-hub projects. In addition, the document provides an analysis on the final reports produced by the EOSCpilot Science Demonstrators. Service requirements are highlighted and categorised. Finally a mapping of the findings regarding service needs to a service portfolio roadmap.

The report provides some final considerations for the EOSC supporting projects. It ensures a continuity between currently running and future EOSC projects, to benefit the most from the initial work done by the projects that have started to pave the way to realize the European Open Science Cloud EC vision.

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