EOSCpilot First Call for Science Demonstrators

EOSCpilot First Call for Science Demonstrators
14 Apr 2017

EOSCpilot First Call for Science Demonstrators

14 April 2017

Applications open until 30 April 2017, 12am CEST

The First Call for Science Demonstrators to the EOSCpilot (European Open Science Cloud for Research pilot) project invites applications from institutions with interesting challenges that would help define the infrastructure needed by European researchers, while showing the scientific excellence and societal impact that could be achieved by EOSC (European Open Science Cloud).

The EOSCpilot application and selection process is as follows: the applicant submits a proposal via the online form following the instructions provided by the EOSCpilot Guide for Applicants.

The proposals are reviewed and prioritised, based principally on: how strong and well defined is the scientific challenge addressed by the use of e-infrastructure; how challenging it is in terms of data integration, management, interoperability and analysis; being already developed and demonstrated to be working on infrastructures that would become part of EOSC; representativeness and impact; support by mature research infrastructures that will be long-term consumers of the EOSC; its commitment  to publishing or consuming third-party research artefacts as part of the Open Science model with the application of FAIR principles, and also as part of the Open Research Data Pilot in H2020; its contribution to achieve a broad range of stakeholders; and its feasibility and suitability to be developed within 1 year and with the support provided by EOSCpilot.

The successful proposals are expected to start on the 1 July 2017 and will receive support from an EOSCpilot expert to work alongside the Science Demonstrator representative (the person representing the Science Demonstrator within the EOSCpilot) developing the proposed project. Together, the Science Demonstrator representative and EOSCpilot expert will develop solutions, providing the participating institution with more expertise and the EOSCpilot will get a full understanding of the needs and requirements to be considered for the future EOSC.

Application submissions: Application to the EOSCpilot First Call for Science Demonstrators opened on 1 April 2017 with a deadline for submission of 30 April 2017, 12am CEST.

To apply visit: http://eoscpilot.eu/content/wp4-application-form and register to create your application

For support to prepare the application, or for further information, please contact: applications[at]eosc.eu