Service Providers

Service Providers
22 Feb

Service Providers

Service Providers are the heart of EOSC's value proposition

Service Providers functioning nationally or at a larger scale, with commercial, non-profit or public status, can have 2 roles in the EOSC: builders or providers.
In order for the EOSCpilot project to ultimately address the full-research lifecycle, including data gathering, management, analysis, sharing and discovery as well as to advance research in the open science context, the EOSCpilot project needs to engage both service providers functioning nationally and on the larger European level.

The EOSCpilot project offers the opportunity to both academic and commercial Service Providers to work together with other European service providers in order to determine the best ways to put your contribution into a central and prominent spot within the EOSCpilot — and in the future EOSC.  

The EOSC benefits for Service Providers as builders or providers

  • Enlarge the market and broaden user base thanks to service interoperability
  • Gain visibility through the EOSC offer
  • Increase service value thanks to the interconnection of data and services
  • Improve user experience through a federated offer

EOSCpilot's contributions

  • Learn about a new set of rules on standards and capabilities, placing them in a central role into the work on the EOSCpilot and in the development of the future EOSC
  • Provide an opportunity to influence and be part of the governance of the future EOSC.

You work in a Service Providing organisation? Here are ways to learn more about the EOSC and contribute to its shaping.