Governance Framework


What is EOSCpilot Governance Development Forum

The main governance challenge of establishing the EOSC is how to construct a framework allowing strong and disparate stakeholders to work together. This framework also needs to address cultural challenges, encouraging the adoption of new ways of working and scientific practices. EOSCpilot will design and trial a stakeholder-driven governance framework with the involvement of all stakeholders. This will then shape and oversee future development of the European Open Science Cloud.

EOSCpilot has established a Governance Development Forum to enable all different stakeholders to contribute to the development of the EOSC governance framework. The EOSCpilot Governance Development Forum (EGDF) is mandated to function and support the establishment of the EOSC. EGDF meets both virtually and face-to-face. There is a regular monthly webinar established and thematic, stakeholder targeted workshops will be organized to allow governance framework to be elaborated from the stakeholder perspective. Close interaction between the forum, EOSC pilot and European Commission is foreseen in the whole process of establishing governance principles and structures for EOSC.

Please read the EOSCpilot Governance Development Forum charter for more details.

How to get involved

Everyone that can affect or is affected by the future European Open Science Cloud s invited to give their views and contribution to the design of stakeholder driven EOSC governance framework. You may

  • Become an organizational representative to the EOSCpilot Governance Development Forum. Only organizations are granted a membership to the forum. Memberships are granted by informal application to be directed to the forum secretariat egdf-secretariat at
  • Participate in thematic workshops that EOSCpilot Governance Development Forum will organize
  • Submit a statement or position paper on EOSC governance framework to be published at EGDF webpages and taken into account in governance framework drafting. Send your contribution by email to egdf-secretariat at
  • Comment to the documents and on-going activities of EGDF


Upcoming events

  • Monthly EGDF webinar, 9 November 2017, 14:00 CET

Material from past events