D2.1: Draft Stakeholder Map

15 Sep 2017

D2.1: Draft Stakeholder Map

This document is the first draft of the Stakeholder Map whose objective is to scope the wide field of potential stakeholders, to determine who is affected and need to affect the European Open Science Cloud and to organize and manage the involvement of these stakeholders. The deliverable will result in a mapping of stakeholders to roles, level of influence and participation as well as to concepts and categories with identified relations and dependencies. The objectives of the the first draft are the following:

  • To define the roles of stakeholders in EOSC.
  • To describe the types of stakeholders.
  • To present the methodology for making the final mapping of stakeholders.

In the current version of the deliverable we present a methodology for scoping the stakeholders which is based on a first step of desk research and a second step of interviews with key stakeholders. In Section 2, we describe our methodology and stakeholder roles, and in Section 3 the main types of stakeholders that we have identified. In Section 4 we present the main e-infrastructures, which we consider as a basic starting point for mapping the stakeholder landscape. In Section 5 we go a step forward by exploring all the organizations that participated in Horizon 2020 infrastructure projects (both e-infrastructures and Research Infrastructure projects) and in selected FP7 infrastructure projects. Our analysis is based on the number of partitipations of each organization in the infrastructure projects. We present our results by activity type and also by member state. This first analysis does not provide a complete and consistent mapping of the stakeholder landscape, but it enables EOSC to identify the best candidates for interviews, which is the next step in our scoping methodology.

Status: Approved by the European Commission

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