D3.1: Policy Landscape Review

21 Feb 2018

D3.1: Policy Landscape Review

This report presents a concise yet comprehensive Policy Landscape Review (PLR) in relation to European Policies related to Open Science. The report focuses specifically on the role of Open Science policies as an instrument for development in the context of the knowledge economy and the global data value chain. For this reason, it links Open Science policies to the entirety of the European policies aiming at increasing the flow of data of different forms (research, public, private, personal, non-personal) and positions such policies within the broader framework of policies reducing transaction costs related to data in Europe and the world.


The report mostly deploys a comprehensive collection of EU policies that is collected in Annex 1, as well as a set of interviews, which is summarized in Annex 2. EOSC is presented as a key initiative that seeks to bring different aspects of policies related to the free flow of data, information and knowledge together across the quadruple helix of Research, Public Sector, Private Sector and the Civil Society. Hence, it focuses on policies supporting the sharing of infrastructures and services, policies supporting the free flow of data, policies that improve skills and support data related education and finally policies regarding public procurement.


The report concludes by making four suggestions for using EOSC in order to move relevant European policies forward. These include increasing policy consistency at all levels, standardize interactions between  stakeholders through a common policy framework, support closer collaboration and flow of data as well as sharing of services and infrastructures within the quadruple helix and automate policy implementation through the design of policy compliant and compatible technologies


- Status: Approved by the European Commission

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