D4.4: Consolidated Science Demonstrator evaluation report

06 Feb 2019

D4.4: Consolidated Science Demonstrator evaluation report

The Science Demonstrators play an essential role as early adopters of EOSC from a range of science areas. Their input is used to drive and prioritize the integration of the EOSC services in a common homogeneous platform. Ten Science Demonstrators have been selected through Open Calls (see D4.2), after the pre-selection of five Science Demonstrators prior to the start of the EOSCpilot project. The fifteen Science Demonstrators have carried out their work within EOSCpilot according to the Engagement Model developed and described in D4.1.

The Science Demonstrators’ project executions were guided by domain and IT aware experts, and these shepherding activities and project progress have been discussed and monitored in regular meetings. Feedback from the Science Demonstrators was collected in interim and final reports, as well as from participation in two Stakeholder meetings.

This Deliverable D4.4 now presents an evaluation of the findings, feedback, lessons learnt and recommendations of the Science Demonstrators as representative groups of customers of future EOSC services.

This document is in the process of being approved by the European Commission


- Status: Submitted to the European Commission