The EOSC Service Architecture and Interoperability

22 Dec 2017

The EOSC Service Architecture and Interoperability

In this video interview Carole Goble and Rafael Jimenez talk about the EOSC Service Architecture and Interoperability.


EOSCpilot has already identified principles on data cataloging and how data will be exchanged between data catalogues and how they will be exposed to EOSC services. In the next year, four demonstrators will show how simple, small interventions and leveraging existing practices will ensure that communities can join the EOSC”.


Carole Goble is UK Head of Node Elixir and Rafael Jimenez is Chief Technical Officer of Elixir.


The video was recorded at the first EOSC Stakeholder Forum, organised by EOSCpilot in The Square, Brussels, on 28-29 November 2017.


Video created and edited by LIBER Europe.