EOSC Stakeholder Forum 2017 - Results, Recommendations and Downloads

18 Dec 2017

EOSC Stakeholder Forum 2017 - Results, Recommendations and Downloads

The EOSC Stakeholder Forum

November saw the very first European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Stakeholder Forum in Brussels. Held on 28 and 29 November 2017 and organized by the EOSCpilot project, the event gave over 300 participants the opportunity to learn about and contribute to shaping the future of the EOSC.

The EOSC will offer 1.7 million European researchers and 70 million professionals in science and technology a virtual environment with open and seamless services for storage, management, analysis and re-use of research data. The EOSC will cross borders and scientific disciplines by federating existing scientific data infrastructures, currently dispersed across disciplines and Member States.

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5 Results Out of the EOSC Stakeholder Forum!

Another milestone was passed towards the realisation of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) with the conclusion of the 1st EOSC Stakeholder Forum held in Brussels at the end of last month where they achieved a clearer idea of what the pan-European scientific platform could look like.

Of course, while there’s a lot of interest revolving around the development of EOSC, not everyone could attend and witness the forum. Therefore, to keep you up to date, here are the 5 big updates you need to know out of the 1st EOSC Stakeholder Forum.

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5 Big Things Out of the EOSC Stakeholder Forum!

Download all presentations

Download the presentations!

Did you miss an the first EOSC Stakeholder Forum and want to know the content that was discussed?

Were you there, but you want to have more details that you might be able to use in your work?

Download below all the presentations from the two days!

Download all presentations here

Watch the videos!

How the EOSCpilot project is contributing to the EOSC shaping in terms of Governance, Architecture and Sustainability?

How can EOSC ensure the adoption of FAIR principles across research communities?
What's the role of researchers within the EOSC framework?

Here are some key highlights on the challenges and opportunities towards EOSC implementation.

Watch all the videos
Watch all the videos

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Stakeholders' view on EOSC!

The design of the EOSC needs to be stakeholder driven.

Therefore, during the EOSC Stakeholder Forum we collected a series of position papers from different stakeholders aimed at charting a course towards a concrete and sustainable EOSC, identifying first steps on the EU added-value of EOSC and its building blocks to make European Open Science a user-friendly reality.

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