EOSCpilot Insider #12 - Internal News Bulletin

10 Jul 2018

EOSCpilot Insider #12 - Internal News Bulletin

This week's internal newsletter provides updates on activities carried out by WP3, WP4, WP5, WP7 & WP8. Topics covered include an update of the ongoing work for each WP, Deliverables, progress on SDs, website updates and Stakeholders Event.

WP3 - Policy

  • D3.3 (Draft Policy Recommendations): work is still ongoing to finalise the remaining two documents (the Open Science White Paper and the main summary D3.3 document). ARC are actively working to restructure the OS White Paper.
  • D3.5 (Policy Toolkit): submitted to the EC
  • D3.4 (Policy Registry): due month 20. In progress. Need to appoint reviewers.
  • Meeting scheduled for 13 July to discuss D3.6 and agree high-level objectives for it. Also to discuss WP3 project extension work. Following this, input will be provided to the project office on proposed activities for Jan-Mar 2019 and on expected resourcing for the remainder of the project, and any related issues.
  • D3.6 (Final Policy Recommendations): survey to validate the draft policy recommendations in preparation, to be ready to launch once D3.3 documents are submitted. An Ethics workshop will take place 29 August in Paris, to discuss the Ethics policy recommendations.
  • Participation in Funders and Librarians workshop in Lille, 4 July. Very good audience participation and discussion – useful input towards D3.6.
  • T3.2: work on track for D3.5 (Open Science Policy Toolkit). Reviewers will be nominated shortly
  • Abstract submitted for a session at DI4R in October, to discuss policy recommendations with RIs and e-Infs.
  • Blog post in draft about the EOSCpilot Open Science policy monitor, prompted by last week’s article in The Guardian criticising the EC’s award of their OS Monitor contract to Elsevier.

WP4 - Science Demonstrators

  • Last monthly WP4 meeting held on June 21
  • Next monthly WP4 meeting to be held on July 19
  • Status of Science Demonstrators:
  • First five SDs:
    • Textcrowd and DPHEP: finished Dec 2017
    • Photon&Neutron: finished March 2018
    • Pancancer: Finishes end of June 2018
    • ERFI: was in 2017 rescheduled for July 2017 to June 2018 and now confirmed to accomplish second task by ICOS until Sep 2018
  • Second five SDs:
    • CryoEM: tasks almost finished, will terminate as planned
    • EPOS/VERCE: no updates available, but expected to finish as planned
    • Lifescience: will be prolonged until Sep 2018 and will accomplish their work plan until then
    • LOFAR: Received no funding so far, STFC has setup everything and the money will flow soon. 3 month prolongation until Sep 2018 is also accepted. Is going very well, some sprints are planned
    • Prominence: Doing recently well, but prolongation of 3 months asked and accepted (until Sep 2018)
  • Third five SDs:
    • Frictionless data exchange: had a call with OpenAIR for integration. In time with the workplan
    • Bioimaging: Few problems, switching machine configurations, overall still in plan
    • VisiVO: made good progress, technical meeting with EPOS, using EGI cloud, finalizing scientific workflow
    • Hydrology: Scientific contact Rolf Hut again not present, no email response either, but asked by email for a 6 month extension in May. Since a prolongation of third round SDs is not possible, already explained by email, shepherds are asked to contact Rolf Hut and help to come up with an adapted and realistic work plan for the remaining time until Nov 2018
    • Visual Media: progress quite well, contacted users for data uploading. Started work on managing manuscripts
  • Change of shepherds- Two shepherds from EMBL have changed, the new ones were introduced. Affected SDs: Pancancer (main+co), CryoEM (co),Life science data sets (main), Frictionless data exchange (co), Bioimaging (main+co), VisiVO (co), Hydrology (main+co), VisualMedia (co).
  • Reports of Science Demonstrators- All SDs have been asked to insert their monthly updates into the respective text file in the EOSCpilot repository. High level 1 page report of finished Science Demonstrators for dissemination: Template has been sent by Hermann.
  • General report- Final reports of SDs finishing in June 2018 (Pancancer, CryoEM, EPOS/VERCE) expected to be written in July and uploaded until July 31, 2018. Templates are in the EOSCpilot repository.
  • SDs were informed that STFC is working on all outstanding contracts. The respective email by Mark was published in the WP4 minutes.
  • Announcement done that 3rd round SDs can’t get a prolongation
  • Informing SDS that: Prolongated SDs will not get any additional funding beyond their 12 PMs. For the prolongation of shepherding, however, 1 PM will be provided in addition. All shepherding aorganisations have been asked to inform STFC asap In case not all shepherding PMs (or SD PMs) will be used, and to give back the potentially unused ones so they can be redistributed for other tasks.
  • Support for Deliverable D6.7 WP6 was asking for WP4 support for D6.7: SDs were kindly asked to provide information in the respective Google doc to be provided.
  • On the question which SDs to include in the upcoming portal, the suggestion given by email referred to TEXTCROWD, PHOTON&NEUTRON, LOFAR and PROMINENCE. Still to be decided for Life Sciences (candidates: Pancancer, CryoEM)

WP5 - Services

  • Task 5.1- Planned Terminology meeting on 5.July, asking all WPs to comment on current status of work here
  • Task 5.2- Reviewed D6.6 (2nd Report on Data Interoperability). Meeting planned with EOSChub portfolio WP to sync with EOSCpilot portfolio activities T5.2
  • Task 5.3- D5.3 has been submitted. The deliverable can be found online here
  • Task 5.4- Contact with SDs interrupted, also because of starting holidays. Solicited for showcases in EOSC portal. TextCrowd and P&N denied. LOFAR indicated interest. Search continues.

WP7 - Skills

  • Most of the effort in the past few weeks went into the completion of D7.3; this took longer than planned and the final submission was made on Friday 6th July, 6 days late.
    Planning has now begun in earnest for the consultation exercises which will take place around this deliverable, and the production of D7.5 which will update its content based in part on the result of those consultations.
    At present we are identifying training coordinators in research infrastructures and research-performing organisations to approach.
  • We're shaping our own views on what training-as-a-service ought to look like in EOSC, and this will form part of the consultation exercise above.
    We're also testing out our proposed means of tagging materials for discovery on the training being produced for the GridKA summer schools.
  • We've also been planning input to the open science skills event being jointly organised with 4TU, to be held in Delft on 26th September and shaping our input to the stakeholders forum.
    Finally we've reached an agreement on a joint submission to DI4R on communities of practice in data skills training.

WP8 - Engagement and Communication

  • Consultation Platform- TRUST-IT completed the development of the Stakeholders Consultation Platform that was launched at the EOSC Summit. A specific outreach campaign to promote the consultation is in progress and need to be supported by all partners.

    We kindly remind all partners to give their contribute, as an individual or as organization, and feedback on the Recommendations and start joining the Discussion Channel and commenting the different subjects on the Rules of Participation.
  • Factsheet for SDs- The current plan is to have the contents ready by mid July
  • Project extension- Working on a proposal for extension of WP8 activities
    • Website- Working on a new (more EOSC-Centric ) structure of the website
    • Website- New landing page for the Science Demonstrators published here
  • Stakeholders Forum
    • Austria Vienna Center will be officially appointed by Friday this week. We'll revise the announcement with location details
    • Scope &purposes: need to finalize and freeze the concept paper (current draft available here)- waiting for feedback
    • Agenda: a first draft has been shared with EXC and open for feedback here- waiting for feedback