EOSCpilot Insider #13 - Internal News Bulletin

02 Aug 2018

EOSCpilot Insider #13 - Internal News Bulletin

This week's internal newsletter provides updates on activities carried out by WP4, WP5 & WP8. Topics covered include an update of the ongoing work for each WP, Deliverables, progress on SDs, and Stakeholders Event organization.

WP4 - Science Demonstrators

  • Last monthly WP4 meeting held on July 19
  • Next WP4 meeting planned for Aug 29, 15:00 CEST
  • EOSC Rules of Participation and Way of Implementation - On behalf of WP8, Science Demonstrators have been reminded by email to express their opinion in the Consultation web page until Aug 5.
  • Next stakeholder event on Nov 21 and 22 in Vienna
    • Suggestions given on the agenda with respect to the sessions with Science Demonstrators, and chairmen named.
    • Science Demonstrators informed about their essential role in this event, that 3 sessions have been planned, 1 hour each, and that all SDs (also the finished ones) are expected to participate especially on Nov 21 with at least one representative, avoiding an unbalanced gender representation. Additional travel money would be provided for finished DS.
  • EOSC launch on Nov 23- Science Demonstrators have asked about the agenda and rules for participation. Hermann will make an inquiry.
  • Status of Science Demonstrators- Final reports and one page high level dissemination reports expected from recently finished DS in the first week of August.
    Second round Science demonstrators: CryoEM finished, the other four prolonged till Sep or Oct, ERFI till Nov.
    Last round science demonstrators: Hydrology: Still no report, but shepherds are in contact. SD is still waiting for funding before starting work. Hermann explained money would come soon and all work preparations should be done already now to effectively use the remaining time. Other SDs in workplan.
    Text Crowd (finished SD) will apply for an extension to work on various aspects/extensions to the original project.
  • Request of WP6 to contribute to D6.8- On behalf of WP6, all SDs have been asked to fill WP6 forms (already sent by Hermann) to contribute to D6.8
  • Request from WP5 for feedback from SDs- On behalf of WP5, SDs have been asked for feedback regarding the use-case and services used/tested in the SD, aimed at understanding the service which has been developed by the SD and how it is built on the services in EOSC. Hermann suggested to first check final reports of SDs.
  • Questionnaires for Science Demonstrators- Hermann suggests to better coordinate and limit the number of questionnaires sent to SDs by different WPs on short notice.

WP5 - Services

  • Task 5.2- Telco with good participation of partners. Abstract/session for joint EOSC-hub and EOSC-pilot session on portfolio management at DI4R.
  • Task 5.4- Allocating the storage space requested by the Hydrology/eWater Cycle SD (in progress with Cyfronet). Reconfiguring the ERFI storage space in Onedata. Collected user's story from the CryoEM Science Demonstrator [1,2].

WP8 - Engagement and Communication

  • Consultation Platform- This is the last week to give contribution on the Stakeholders Consultation Platform. Deadline is 5th August.
    We kindly remind all partners to give their contribution, as an individual or as organisation, and provide feedback on the Recommendations as well as start joining the Discussion Channel and comment on the different subjects under the Rules of Participation.
  • Stakeholders Forum
    • All the session organizers have been asked to provide their agenda and details about challenges, speakers and panellists. Some sessions have been updated but still, many of them are empty. Last version of the agenda is available here.
    • Science Demonstrators: identified the chairs for the three sessions: Steven Newhouse (EMBL), Thomas Zastrow, Hermann Lederer.
    • Meeting for the Advisory Board was added to the agenda at the end of day 2. It is in parallel with the workshop on Industry and the FAIR session.
    • It was agreed that DANS will chair the session on FAIR Data; Elly Dijk will be the organizer of the session.
    • The registration form, together with the agenda, will be published by TRUST-IT by the end of this week with the info available at that time.