General Public

General Public
22 Feb

General Public

The EOSC will benefit all, including the final citizen

EOSC will create a cross-border and multi-disciplinary open innovation environment with the aim of delivering its benefits to the final citizen as well. Democratisation of science and open access to scientific data are indirectly addressing their beneficial results on the civil society.

The activities and achievements of the EOSC and the open science initiatives need to be linked with the everyday challenges, that citizens are sensitive to, such as public investments, new services and new job opportunities.

The EOSCpilot project will offer citizens and large communities a clear vision of the importance of open science, open data and sharing, highlighting in a practical and understandable manner how these aspects can influence and improve their everyday’s activities.


The EOSC benefits for the General Public

  • Benefits from better research in a variety of domains such as medicine, biology, environment, agriculture, social sciences, etc.
  • Creation of new job opportunities, fostering public investments and GDP growth, derived from new products and services offered resulting from data accessibility.
  • Democratisation of science and open access to scientific data, indirectly addressing their beneficial results on the civil society.

How EOSCpilot engaged the general public

  • EOSCpilot frequently published simple, jargon-free social media to explain to people the importance of EOSC and how it could benefit them. This earned the EOSCpilot social media accounts followers that were outside the normal research community but still interested in open science and technology topics, as well as mass media outlets. 
  • EOSCpilot also has a YouTube account with a high-level introductory video on EOSCpilot’s role in the EOSC shown to the channel’s visitors

You are a citizen eager to learn more about the EOSC? Here are some links for you: