incentives and rewards

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Career-enhancing incentives

The RCN thinks that it is important to create career-enhancing incentives for researchers (in line with recommendation 1 "Engagement") and in line with DORA. Practicing open science should be merited when e.g. applying for project funding.  The development of a common set of career-enhancing incentives and mechanisms is strongly encouraged, including measures to evaluate open science activities.

Incentives to Use EOSC

EOSC will rely on the engagement of (early-career and senior) researchers who both produce and use the content stored on EOSC. These (early-career and senior) researchers will need to be incentivised to both open up their research and use EOSC to open up their research. Simply using EOSC will not be a strong enough incentive for the research community to use EOSC: these (early-career and senior) researchers will need to be rewarded in their research and career assessment for both opening up their research and using EOSC to open up their research.

Service provisioning should support the development of open and transparent metrics and indicators

If Services in the EOSC marketplace provide usage/access data and statistics (when appropriate, and in scope with the particular service provision), they should do so according to open and transparent standards, such that those data can contribute to the development of metrics and indicators (and of course, incentives and rewards) that foster the uptake of open science practices.