Selected Projects on the EOSCpilot First Call for Science Demonstrators

Selected Projects on the EOSCpilot First Call for Science Demonstrators
27 Jun 2017

Selected Projects on the EOSCpilot First Call for Science Demonstrators

27 June 2017

The First Call for Science Demonstrators to the EOSCpilot (European Open Science Cloud for Research pilot) received 30 applications from 86 institutions in 19 countries, with challenging projects that would help to define the infrastructure needed by European researchers, while showing the scientific excellence and societal impact that could be achieved by EOSC (European Open Science Cloud). Following peer review, five of these proposals were selected to receive 12 months support starting from 1 July 2017.

The applications submitted for the EOSCpilot First Call for Science Demonstrators were reviewed and prioritised, based principally on: how strong and well defined is the scientific challenge addressed by the use of e-infrastructure; how challenging is the science demonstrator in terms of data integration, management, interoperability and analysis; how ready is the science demonstrator to be run on the e-infrastructures that would become part of EOSC; how representativeness is the demonstrator of a broader community or pattern; how much impact will the demonstrator have within the community; how is the demonstrator supported by mature research infrastructures that will be long-term consumers of the EOSC; what is the demonstrator’s commitment to publishing or consuming third-party research artefacts as part of the Open Science model with the application of FAIR principles, and also as part of the Open Research Data Pilot in H2020; how will the demonstrator contribute to achieving a broad range of stakeholders within the project; and the technical feasibility and suitability of the demonstrator to be developed within 12 months with the support provided by EOSCpilot.

The selected proposals on the EOSCpilot First Call for Science Demonstrators were:

  • Leveraging EOSC to offload updating and standardizing life sciences datasets and to improve studies reproducibility, reusability and interoperability
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Jordi Rambla, CRG Center for Genomic Regulation (Spain)
  • PROMINENCE: HPCaaS for Fusion
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Rob Akers, Culham Science Centre (United Kingdom) 
  • EPOS/VERCE: Virtual Earthquake and Computational Earth Science e-science environment in Europe
    Principal Investigator: Prof. Andreas Rietbrock, University of Liverpool, (United Kingdom) 
  • CryoEM workflows: Linking distributed data and data analysis resources as workflows in Structural Biology with cryo Electron Microscopy: Interoperability and reuse
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Jose Maria Carazo, I2PC Instruct Image Processing Center (Spain)
  • Open Science Cloud access to LOFAR data
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Rob van der Meer, ASTRON (The Netherlands)

The new science demonstrators complement the scientific and technical challenges addressed through the EOSCpilot project with a focus on the areas of societal challenges according to the EC.  

The projects are to start 1 July 2017 and will receive support from an EOSCpilot expert to work alongside the Science Demonstrator representative (the person representing the Science Demonstrator within the EOSCpilot) to develop it further. Together, the Science Demonstrator representative and EOSCpilot expert will develop solutions, providing the participating institution with more expertise and the EOSCpilot will get a full understanding of the needs and requirements to be considered for the future EOSC.


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